Our Mission



We'd spent years dreaming up Dogwood Country Club before we opened our doors in 2018.

As we worked through the details, we found our ideas snowballing from all the excitement. This wouldn't just be a place for golfers to practice, it needed to put the best technology in the world at their fingertips. This wouldn't only be a relief from the rain, cold, and oppressive heat, it would make golf engaging and eye-opening in ways previously unimagined. No, our facility wouldn't be intimidating or exclusive, it'd be warm, inviting and encouraging. And above all, this was to be much, much more than just an indoor golf facility, it needed to have soul.

We felt in our hearts that Dogwood Country Club would be a place where people blew off steam, found refuge from a rough week, learned and improved, met new friends and made countless memories.

Watching Dogwood Country Club come to life and continue to grow has been one the most rewarding and heartwarming experiences of our lives. And so many of you have become part of our extended family.

Thank you for being a part of it all. Dogwood CC wouldn't be the same without each and every one of you.

Eternally Grateful,


We were about a breath away from naming our indoor golf experience something obvious that included the words 'Raleigh' and 'golf', when we dared to dream a little harder. We didn't want to stop at just opening some basic golf practice facility. We wanted a country club smack dab in the heart of downtown. And it'd be a new kind of country club that kicked all the old stigmas to the curb. We wanted less rules, more inclusion, maximum fun and most of all, heart. This was our means to grow not only the game of golf, but a meaningful community that could make a real impact.

As our vision came to life, the dogwood trees in our front yard caught our eye. Not only is the dogwood the state flower of North Carolina, but it perfectly stands for everything we envisioned. It's a twist on what typically comes to mind when you think of a flower. And one of the most distinguishing features is the tightly packed cluster between bracts. The dogwood is community at its core. Tack on our goal to grow the game, and we knew that the name Dogwood Country Club was fate.

We're proud to be rooted right here in Raleigh and we invite anyone and everyone to come grow with us.

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